Powerjump® interval is a program that uses the group gymnastics mini trampoline like equipment for cardiovascular work. This training program is characterized by the use of simple combinations of movements and the best music of the moment they feel students as children jumping in an elastic surface.
A class with a duration of 60 minutes, which is recommended to all students eligible to practice physical activities with the exception of pregnant women, people with unstable joint (ankle, knee and hip).
You can expect a very fun class with high caloric expenditure (approx. 700, in addition to a rapid improvement in the overall resistance and increase the muscular strength of the lower limbs (legs muscles) and stabilizers (abdominal and lumbar).
An excellent option for anyone who likes to work out.
10 good reasons to do powerjump
Powerjump is safe for the joints
When working on a surface without stiffness, elastic, 80% of the students absorb the impact during the class.
Powerjump vs. cellulite
During the class there are high contractions of the muscles of the lower limbs by stimulating the lymphatic drainage, helping to combat cellulite.
Powerjump - fun
The uplifting music and exercises used in class will be the time when you were a kid and jumped on a trampoline! !!
Powerjump – comprehensive training
Cardiovascular work, massages the internal organs, improves blood circulation and digestion, improve circulation, detoxifies the liver, kidneys, etc.
Powerjump – beautiful legs! !!
The strong training and muscle contractions will work on the lower limbs, giving your legs the way you always wanted!
Powerjump and posture
During the training of powerjump® work the abdominal and back muscles (postural) helping to maintain a better alignment of the body in daily life.
Powerjump – caloric expenditure insured
In a class of powerjump® students may spend approx. 700 calories in 60 minutes of work. !!
Powerjump and osteoporosis
The training helps prevent osteoporosis because bone is stimulated through muscular contractions. NASA used the mini trampolines to improve the physical conditions of astronauts returning from space: Space = lack of gravity = lack of bone stimulation. !!
Powerjump is simple and effective
The program features provide a simple training, through movements of easy implementation, transforming into a highly effective training activity.
Powerjump for all participants
The trainers trained in powerjump® students may provide options for training intensity for all the mundo.l American College of sports medicine more than 8000 gyms in 54 countries on 5 continents. More than 1500000 participants, day after day, and 50000 teachers trained and certified to the global level.


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